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  • Communications services
As an ICASA licensed telecommunications provider, we design, implement and maintain managed terrestrial, microwave and satellite communications solutions for real time, delay sensitive and bulk data, supporting various applications such as voice, video, medical imaging, near realtime applications and generic network data traffic. We own and maintain a fully redundant microwave network in the Western Cape Peninsula and Winelands of South Africa via which we provide site and cloud services connectivity to our client base. We have mutiple secure and redundant uplinks to local ZA and international internet transit. 
  • Infrastructure design and Implementation

We provide managed datacenter platform solutions, physical and virtual and interconnect systems. From conception through design, implementation and handover or ongoing management, we integrate appropriate technologies to provide bespoke infrastructure solutions which add strategic and operational value to our clients.
  • Network analysis
In depth network analysis and diagnostic services include packet level inspection, network and application performance profiling, multi layer protocol analysis, routed and routing protocol troubleshooting
  • Technology Product sourcing and supply
We are able to source and supply the full bouqet of current information technology equipment
  • Skill machines and human beings

Our multidisciplinary team of technology architects, project implementation professionals and technical engineers provide a full bouqet of skills

Our team of experienced administrators are skilled in managing day to day operations in a radiology workflow environment. Picture Archiving and Communications Systems are the mainstay of any Radiology department and Fulloutput specialises in providing resources to manage the  advanced and challenging technologies radiology departments operate on.