Who we are.


Track Record

Fulloutput was founded in 1998 as a consultancy specialising in designing and implementing bespoke, turnkey network solutions and compute platforms, integrating the cutting edge information technologies of the time. From the outset Fulloutput established a reputation and track record of being able to reliably solve complex problems, either in troubleshooting faults and issues in existing productionsystems or conceiving, designing and implementing new systems for clients.

Stemming from the early success as a consultancy and driven by client requests, in the early 2000’s Fulloutput began to provide support and outsourced IT department services to clients. This naturally led, in 2005, to Fulloutput adding hardware and software product sourcing and supply to the company service portfolio.

In 2010, Fulloutput began provisioning its own telecommunications infrastructure to service the niche needs of its client base via a dedicated, managed private network. Flowing from this was the addition of an internet service provider division to provide provision internet bandwidth into our client base.

Track record of leadership.

Throughout the nearly quarter century of operations, Fulloutput has always led the way in mastering and implementing new technologies, from the then obscure TCP/IP protocol and DICOM medical protocol in the 1990's to VPN and virtualisation solutions in the 2000's.

While Fulloutput provides solutions for clients in various industries, it has always had a specific focus on the challenging environment of medical service providers. Fulloutput was the first and only local provider of solutions for integrating radiological imaging into networked IT environments when radiology modalities were non standards based i.e. prior to DICOM based systems.

Fulloutput designed, created and implemented systems to interface to analog only modalities and allowing for the digitisation and electronic storage and distribution of studies where previously film output was the only option.

Similarly Fulloutput developed software to interface and receive medical imaging from early non-DICOM digital modalities, culminating in the earliest DICOM based digital medical imaging distribution and storage system products commercially available in South Africa. Over the past 25 years Fulloutput has been involved in the digitisation of all aspects of radiology, from the transition from tape cassettes and typewriters for report generation to today’s advanced voice recognition and transcription services, fully digital departments and modern PACS/RIS environments. Fulloutput has been at the coal face of many projects in that period that have culminated in the current digital radiology environments.

Comprehensive and complete.

We will continue to be the leader in designing, implementing, supporting and managing the information technology needs of the modern radiology practice, and clients from diverse industry sectors. We cover the full spectrum of IT needs, including strategy, budgeting, project and operations management, systems design and implementation to ongoing systemsmonitoring and management, PACS/RIS administration through to user and technical support services.

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Brand Values

Fulloutput's success story can be attributed to developing our brand values to closely match the professional traits of IT professionals that we value as clients.


Our ability to reduce complexity to simplicity and speak to clients in a way that resonates with them. 'Fluent' also refers to the way that we manage and support projects.


Our practical understanding, experience and knowledge, coupled with a grasp of business dynamics; the savvy to marry challenges or opportunities with appropriate technology.


Tested in the intense healthcare sector where accuracy, anticipation and responsiveness can save lives, we bring this sharp edge to all of our clients.

What our clients say.

"The Aska Property Group has a longstanding relationship with Clinton and his great team of engineers. Over the last 30 years or so, Fulloutput has kept us on top of an ever changing IT world, making it a seamless journey. The implementation of VOIP was but one example of a complex project implemented smoothly. We value a relationship which is built on integrity, trust, exceptional expertise and service".

Ken EckardtFinancial Director, Aska Property Group